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We love making Intelligent Products with Smart technologies.

An intelligent anti-theft security device that calls your multiple phone numbers, as soon as a their enters your property. Armed with door, locker, shutter and intelligent presence sensor, this gives full protection to your property.

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An intelligent lock that locks the door automatically as soon as a customer enters your shop. It protects your shop from anybody running away with valuables.

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Wi-Fi Security Alarm that can be controlled remotely via mobile app or by manual switch when not connected to Wi-Fi.

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SaniU-A touchless Sanitiser dispenser machine. With 1000+ sanitisations per refill cycle. A Made-in-India product.

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We provide efficient application software, electronics and IoT based solutions.

IoT & Analytics

State of the art IoT solutions using cloud based storage and analytics for better results.

Custom Softwares

Our cloud based software solutions offer you ease of access, lower hardware investments and scalability.

On-time Delivery

Our experience allows us to make realistic commitments. We stick to our time scales so that you are always on-time.

About Us

We’re on our way to make life better for people around us using modern technologies.

Founded in 2009, DeltaMinds has continued delivering IT solutions to various verticals such as telecom, e-commerce,MIS systems & custom IoT solutions. We make intelligent products with a passion to improve on the quality of technology experience of people around us.
We use the state of the art Technology and Tools to deliver cost-effective quality solutions. We also strongly believe that greatest enterprises are those who change the quality of life individually and collectively.
We believe in collective passion for achieveing this goal. At present, we are focused on a unique mission to deliver technology benefits to grassroot levels. We are applying technology to introduce innovative solutions to everyday problems of human life. Our ideas, efforts and solutions are directed towards making things easier. We, therefore, offer a fantastic working space for our people, nourishing the spirit of teamwork to its real meaning and we are a proud family doing some real good work.


We have an excellent team at all levels who work hard and smart to make our products and services first class

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